Top 3 Myths vs. Facts About Therapy

When it comes to therapy, we’ve heard all the myths and facts that come from TV, friends, family and your own basic assumptions. That is why we’ve decided to debunk the most common myths.

Here are the top myths vs. facts about therapy.

MYTH: Therapists are just like friends, but you have to pay

FACT: Therapists are fully trained to observe your behavior, thoughts, and feelings. They are trained to be aware of all bases and to be fully honest with you. Honestly, plays a strong role in helping clients find the root of their problem and how to make positive changes for the future.

MYTH: A Therapist’s job is to provide the solutions to your problems.

FACT: A therapist’s job is to help YOU discover your own answers. They will not tell you whether to break up with someone or do things against your will. Instead, a therapist will ask you about your thoughts on the situation, what you gain from it, as well as what you lose. The client will be taught important skills in how to manage their emotions, anger, and how to be assertive.

MYTH: A Therapist Won’t Know How to Help Without Being Through Our Situation

FACT: if you struggling with abuse, depression, trauma, or anxiety, you might assume that your therapist needs to have been through this too. However, trained therapists are skilled in helping their clients with their own effective plan. What may work for one client may not work for another. Their job is to use such principles and help make each plan based on the individual needs of the client.

If you have believed any of these myths, now’s the test to take action and seek the help that you need. Your therapist is there to help you by listening to your concerns, discovering your issues, and help you build a positive behavior in your future.

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