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The Musik City Counseling Services is dedicated to addressing the needs and concerns of individuals.

Anger Management

Do you feel angry all the time? Do you get upset over the smallest situations and unsure how to deal with it? Our Anger management counseling will help you take a realistic look at the problems you may be facing and teach you how to prevent problem thought, behavior, and issues that may occur in the future.

Anxiety & Depression

Do you feel depression or have a consistent feeling of anxiety? Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven effective in helping aid in depression and anxiety.

Couples Counseling

Suffering from problems in your relationship? We provide relationship counseling to help couples who are facing problems within their marriage. Many couples visit us to help with issues that include poor communication, arguments, difficulties in family life, sex life, and more. Our counselors will assist you in assessing and finding the solutions to the problems in your relationship.

Group Counseling

We offer group counseling for those who would feel more comfortable in the company of others going through the same situation. We invite you to come and join our group for those who are dealing with similar problems that you may have. We cover a large range of issues and opportunities where our clients were welcome to open and discuss theirs.

Here at Musik City Counseling Services, we are contacted for a variety of reasons. Our counselors are here to help you with our challenges and situations.