3 Tips To Help You Relax During Your First Session of Therapy

Seeing a therapist for the first time can build up anxiety and not something everyone looks forward to. However, therapy can help you deal with your problems effectively and help you to heal. The process isn’t easy but there are ways to help you prepare yourself. The first session of therapy will be introductory as your therapist will get a better look at what you need and how to resolve problems that you may be facing.

Here are three tips to help you relax during your first session of therapy.

Be Honest With Your Therapist and Yourself

Do you feel that sense of relief after finally saying the truth? If you plan on keeping the details short, you will end up wasting both you and your therapist’s time. It’s okay to not paint a pretty picture of your situation. All the are looking for is the truth to help you find the root of your problem. If they ask you a question, simply tell them the answer and how you feel.

Trust Your Gut Instinct But Don’t Assume

We often let our first impressions get the best of us. During your first session, consider how the session is making you feel. Is it comfortable? How does the therapist treat you? The first session will lay out the foundation between you and the professional. You will have to trust your gut if something feels worse. But be sure to give them a chance in helping you before you decide to continue with them or not.

Know That It’s Okay to Be Nervous

It’s okay to be nervous during your first session with your therapist. The professional will understand and will make the effort to create a warm and welcoming environment for you to open up. If you find it difficult to share your thoughts, you can share your nervous feelings with them. It is a safe environment as they will not judge you for your feelings. Instead, they will aim to break the ice.

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